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About Ocean

OCEAN is about the consciousness of the dolphins and whales and who “they” really are. This true story is told through the lives and experiences of Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli, who have over 40 years of being with them…90 years if you put their experiences together!


The cetaceans…or better known as the dolphins and whales are deeply loved by humanity and people just feel drawn to them. They are our brothers and sisters of the ocean as well as our guides and teachers. The cetaceans are reminding us who we are as we go through the shifting of cycles by expanding our consciousness. As we connect with our hearts and with nature, all things are possible. 

These incredible beings play with us and telepathically download memories of our multidimensionality and our abilities to shift frequencies as they do. In this movie, OCEAN, Joan Ocean tells stories of how the dolphins and whales taught and reminded her who she really is. The dolphins and whales had a direct affect on Jean-Luc Bozzoli as well, in how he does his multidimensional art. 


The dolphins and whales are healing and teaching us just by swimming with them and connecting with the dolphin/whale consciousness. Together, Joan and Jean-Luc have travelled the world sharing their wisdom about the dolphins and whales through swimming, seminars, meditating, films, and paintings. This movie is mind-expanding, dynamic, and full of amazing footage that will make you feel like you are right there with the dolphins and whales!


"What an extraordinary movie. It is indeed so beautiful. A huge thank you to Joan and Jean-Luc for sharing their life story."


"LOVE the film and what awesome news about the journey it is making around the planet. Joan's voice alongside Jean-Luc's visionary art increases the vibration of those watching and listening."


"I was so moved by the amazing artistry and information captured here of the lives of two very special souls and their journey in this life."


"Loved watching Ocean...definitely needs an Oscar."


"It is amazing! Joan and Jean-Luc are amazing! And Hydee and Lisa are amazing! I was glued to the screen."


"So beautiful. Just watched the whole movie and am deeply touched."


"Fabulous, what an amazing legacy."


"Beautiful documentary! The footage is off the charts...I mean award winning. Amazing screenplay and narration."


"Exceptional! Truly exceptional beyond words."


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