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Author & Dolphin Researcher

For the past forty years, publishing her experiences and expertise on the subject of Dolphin Tel-Empathic Communication, Joan Ocean has named the methodologies of her cetacean communication work, Participatory Research, in which humans and cetaceans are equally revealing their ancient transcendent wisdom and deep oceanic dreamtime with each other. She understands that cetaceans are communicating with us, to share their collective knowledge, love, and joy. Traveling to meet dolphins and whales, Joan experiences their gentle sound-holography communication, a telepathic language that intensifies physical senses, bypasses rational-cognitive paradigms, resonates directly with our cellular intelligence, raising our vibrational frequency and awakening within us multiple levels of perception and consciousness.


In 1984, Ms. Ocean inspired by the multi-dimensional art of Jean-Luc Bozzoli founded their organization, Dolphin Connection, to explore the advancement of human consciousness, biophysics, and spirituality by producing Joan’s books, Jean-Luc’s visionary films, and Ocean Seminars worldwide, encouraging friendship between people, dolphins, and whales. 


Joan Ocean is the mother of three and grandmother of nine children. Living among the dolphins and whales in Hawaii, Joan and Jean-Luc reside on a ranch with 3 fat cats, 3 short horses, and 2 loving donkeys!

To learn more about Joan, visit her websites:

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Artist and Filmmaker

Jean-Luc was born a natural visual-intuitive artist who loves to navigate dimensions, retrieving psychic snapshots of those realms which reveal parallel realities where "sentient beings" communicate via ethereal frequencies through colors and geometries. He studied at the "Beaux-Arts" in Nancy and Paris, France, yet learned more from observing Nature and its intrinsic ‘stargates.’ In 1968, he built a domed cymatic sanctuary with light and sound for his graduating thesis. 


In the 1970’s, Jean-Luc spent time in the colorful, tropical underwater of French Polynesia. Then, he was setting stage shows in New Zealand with Limbs Dance Company and then became an illustrator with Simply-Living magazine (an Australian publication featuring alternative health, sustainability, and travel). He assisted an Australian TV show named Extra-Dimensions by designing their brochures and opening screen as well in Singapore 1982-83. 


Jean-Luc traveled with Interspecies Communication and the whales to the islands of British Columbia, Canada in 1984. Jean-Luc co-founded The Dolphin Connection shows with Joan Ocean, producing Interdimensional Ways of Living shows, books, posters, films, and many international seminars featuring dolphins, whales, and 9 journeys with Sasquatch contact in the forest at night. He also created and produced 3 films including Transmuteo, Voyage to Infinity with Whales and Dragons, and Voyage of a Starseed. Jean-Luc now lives in Hawaii on his sustainable farm, where he continues his art projects in communion with nature.

To learn more about Jean-Luc Bozzoli or to buy his art, visit his websites:

To view and download his Films:


Cast & Crew


Joan Ocean

as Joan 

Jean-Luc Bozzoli

as Jean-Luc

Dolphins and Whales

as Dolphins and Whales


Lisa Denning and Hydee Tehana


Lisa Denning

Videographer, Editor, and Narrator

Hydee Tehana

Screenwriter, Editor, and Narrator

Trinity Rose LLC

We are Lisa Denning and Hydee Tehana who have a deep connection with the dolphins and whales as well as all of Nature. It is through the integrity of our projects that we intend to share our imagination, joy, and creativity as we remember the truth of who we are. 

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Come meet the dolphins and whales with Us!

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